The Secret to VCE Study

Maybe it’s the pressure of parents, the belief that this is the ‘do all and end all’ or the simple idea that it’s just too hard, so why should you even bother…

VCE can be both an enriching and even fun experience, or alternatively can feel like a chore that lasts 2 years and essentially sucks the life out of you. But the decision is YOURS. You can choose to enter with a positive attitude, and change your mindset of what you want out of these two years, and only you can succeed in achieving your goals. However, of course, there will be help along the way, and you need to make the most out of these opportunities.

One of the biggest factors behind a successful and enjoyable VCE journey s balance!! Often VCE is made out to be the two years that you need to buckle down and study like you’ve never done before. Whilst you do indeed have to work hard, burning out and overworking yourself is a common issue, and you need to be able to balance the amount you study with relaxation time to do the things you enjoy and sleep! Another common misconception is that it is fine to go easy and relax throughout the year, and then just study hard and catch up at the end right before exams, but frankly, there is nothing worse. Regardless of whether your school has assessed coursework throughout the year (that is crucial to your final grade), cramming is definitely not an effective study technique, and you would save yourself hundreds of hours by just lightly reviewing and re-reading material throughout the year, and YES, this applies to every subject!

In my personal opinion, I could not have made it through my VCE journey without my friends, and the support of others, and not just from an emotional support perspective, but to hold me accountable as well. I learnt the idea of accountability early on throughout my high school period, and I am so glad I did, because it changed the way I thought about others that I worked with, and made me confide in others and work better with other people too.

These are just some of the things that will help you along your journey, but the main idea that you need to take away from this is that from a positive mindset comes positive results, and an overall great experience. So head up, and give it your best, and look out for your friends too!

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