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These FREE Cheat Sheets are designed to show students step by step instructions and to give them all the essential information in the one place. Bookmark this page and check back regularly as new Cheat Sheets are added. Existing Cheat Sheets are also updated and expanded frequently.

 “Cheat Sheets” is a colloquial term used for a reference sheet or table. We do not endorse, promote or tolerate cheating of any kind!

Maths Cheat Sheets

  • Trigonometry –  Easy to understand reference which  includes definitions of trigonometric ratios,  finding side lengths, finding angles and more.
  • Algebra – Comprehensive Algebra guide where all you need to know is on this sheet.  This Cheat Sheet steps you through multiplication of terms, expansion of brackets, factorising, cancelling, equations.
  • Factorising Equations – Step by step reference which assists students with areas such as factorising 2 terms, factorising 3 terms and completing the square.
  • Indices – Thorough guide for students needing both examples and step by step instructions for the 6 index laws, negative indices,  square roots and cube roots.
  • Pythagoras – This reference sheet is a good guide for beginners to Pythagoras, but also progresses further to explain Pythagorean Triads (also known as Pythagorean Triples) and how they are created.

 Physics Cheat Sheets

  • Magnetism – Quick reference guide for students studying Magnetism, Magnetic effects of a current, magnetic force on an electrical current, right-hand grip rule, how DC motors work, etc.

 English Resources

  • Recommended Reading List –  This is a great list of exciting books for primary and secondary school students. This particular list of books can also be good to entice students who don’t like to read very much. Avid readers can be immersed in these books for hours at a time.
  • Spelling Rules – Handy quick reference guide with examples for common English spelling rules. Use this guide to really improve your essay writing and will teach you to avoid common mistakes. Suits all year levels.
  • VCE Oral Presentation – Oral presentation ideas.pdf – A great list of current social topics for VCE students undertaking their oral presentation. Included many links to sources for each topic.

Chemistry Cheat Sheets

  • Electrolytic Cells – Easy to understand guide for predicting the equation for Electrolytic Cells depending on the type of electrolyte and electrode used.
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