The Key to Successful School Application Letters



Our registered teacher has written our insiders guide to successful school application letters because many parents are unsure of what to include and how to present it.

The guide includes the following:

  • Correct format and layout of school application letters
  • Sample letters
  • Submit 2 drafts of your own application letter and receive constructive feedback of how it can be improved
  • What should and shouldn’t be included in an application
  • References

Written by Teachers

Experienced teachers create and write all of our practice exams. This ensures accuracy and alignment.

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Essay Feedback

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What you'll learn

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose Our School Application Letters Guide
  1. Written By Our Experienced School Teacher

    Mandy has assisted many students over the years to both write and refine their successful school application letters. Her guide will assist you through the process so you too can write an application letter that will standout to the members on the selection panel.

  2. Submit 2 Drafts Of Your Very Own Application Letter For Us To Review

    After going through our school application letter guide, you will have the necessary skills to confidently write your own application letter. You can then submit up to 2 drafts for us to review and we will give you constructive feedback if it needs to be improved.

  3. Sample Application Letters Are Also Included!

    You will learn from our years of experience and have access to 3 sample school application letters.

  4. Available Online And Constantly Updated

    Being online, the content is always kept up to date unlike ebooks or pdf’s that are downloaded.

  5. Quality And Experience

    With our extensive experience in preparing students for school selection, you can be confident that you have purchased quality material with the support to back it up.

We have helped many parents over the years who were unsure of how to write a school application letter for a selective entry, scholarship or principals discretionary placement. It can be very difficult for parents to find detailed and reliable information about school application letters and what should and shouldn’t be included.

For many parents and students, gaining a place at a selective school or a scholarship can be extremely important from both an academic and financial perspective. Our registered teacher has brought together her years of experience to provide parents with a detailed and easy to follow guide of how to write highly effective school application letters.

Which students need to write School Application Letters?

  • Scholarship students
  • Students applying for the John Monash Science School
  • Students applying for Year 10 entry
  • Students applying via the principals discretionary

Contained in the guide:

  • Use the correct structure for your school application letter
  • What should and shouldn’t be included
  • How to use references
  • Knowing about the school
  • 3 sample letters for your reference
  • Submit up to 2 drafts of your own application letter and we will give you constructive feedback for improvement
  • This is an online guide and you will get instant access after purchase

After reading this guide, you will know exactly how to structure the application letter and what needs to be included. And for added piece of mind, you can submit up to 2 drafts of your very own application letter. We will read your drafts and if necessary give constructive feedback on how it can be improved.

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