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Our carefully selected tutors have the necessary knowledge and skills to help your child achieve their best.

The tutors at Strive for Excellence Tutoring are a strong team that have been hand-picked by our registered teacher. They are highly skilled with accomplishments and awards to support and benefit your child’s education.

Mandy – Business Owner / Educational Consultant

Mandy has been a teacher in the Victorian school system since 2000. Throughout this time, she has taught both Primary and Secondary students in the state and private school systems. She has taken on numerous positions of responsibility including Head of Department and Year Level Coordination. Mandy has been a member of numerous school committees including those associated with Curriculum Development, Implementation of Assessment and Reporting and Primary to Secondary Transition.  Mandy has worked as a Mentor in the Department of Education’s Mentor Program assisting Graduate Teachers to become fully registered. During her teaching Mandy has developed a particular interest in Student Welfare and teaching gifted and talented students. She has been involved in the SEAL Program for many years. Mandy also assists education students prepare for their LANTITE exam to allow them to teach in the classroom as fully registered teachers.  Mandy loves spending time with her two young children and tries to play a bit of netball in her spare time.

Andrew – Business Owner / Business Administrator

Andrew does many of the background jobs to ensure the online 1-on-1 lessons run smoothly during the week. He also manages the website and the administration of our online scholarship/selective entry practice exams, LANTITE practice tests and a variety of online courses.

Arushi – Tutor

Arushi has a passion for chemistry and wants to pursue a career in drug design, so is currently studying Pharmacological Sciences. While at Strive for Excellence, Arushi tutors maths, psychology, chemistry and assists our scholarship and selective entry students in their preparation. In her spare time Arushi enjoys the challenge of puzzles. She loves jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and escape rooms.

Mark – Tutor

Mark is currently studying Bachelor of Laws and Commerce and has a passion supporting students through their academic pathway. Mark assists students in their English and Maths up to year 10. Mark also teaches students preparing for a selective school or scholarship exam. In his free time, Mark enjoys figure skating and playing guitar.

Jaxon – Tutor

Jaxon discovered his love of Psychology during his VCE, enrolling in university studies while still at school. Jaxon is now studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). While at Strive for Excellence Tutoring, Jaxon tutors Psychology, English and senior English Language. When he isn’t working, Jaxon loves to play soccer, write, complete puzzles and study linguistics.

Teagan – Tutor

Teagan is a keen basketballer spending a lot of her spare time at the courts wither playing, refereeing, and supporting her family.  Teagan attended a top school on scholarship and is wanting to pass on her experience to students who are wanting to do the same.  She also tutors Chemistry, English and Maths and Physics.

Vihanga – Tutor

Vihanga is one of our Maths and Science Tutors, assisting students with Methods, Specialist, Chemistry and Physics at VCE level.  He also tutors junior Maths and Science as well as preparing students for the John Monash and other select entry and scholarship tests.  Vihanga is studying Engineering and spends his spare time catching up with friends.

Sanidi – Tutor

Sanidi is currently studying Engineering and Commerce at university. Sanidi has a wide range of skills and enjoys helping students with maths, and preparing for selective school exams. In her spare time, Sanidi enjoys getting artistic with charcoal drawing and acrylic painting.

Nihar – Tutor

Nihar is working towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science. Nihar enjoys working with our senior maths, physics and scholarship students. In his free time, Nihar enjoys spending time with friends and catching up with family.

George.M – Tutor

George is currently completing a Masters Degree on International Relations.  While tutoring at Strive for Excellence, George tutors English, History, Media and Politics.  George wants all students to succeed so aims to provide creative and innovative lessons in order to reach the learning style of all of his students.

Jono – Tutor

Jono is currently working towards obtaining a Degree in Biomedical Science. Jono has a passion for Maths and Science and as a consequence teaches these subjects at Strive for Excellence. He aims to help others to share his interest. Having been to a Select Entry School, Jono assists students at Strive for Excellence with their preparation and is an ongoing support beyond the exam.

Imogen – Tutor

Imogen is currently completing a Bachelor of Science/Law and is using her skills to help our students with their Maths, Science, English and Humanities, in particular History which she is passionate about. Imogen plays guitar and is part of a Soul Band. She has also played soccer. Imogen believes it is important to be well-rounded and brings this philosophy into her lessons.

Tess – Tutor

While at Strive for Excellence Tess assists primary students with their Maths and English. She enjoys working with young students, something which she discovered when she assisted in a number of primary classrooms. Tess is a creative person who has a talent in design. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing and designing her own fashion.

Malay – Tutor

Malay is currently working towards obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering. During his schooling Malay attended a Select Entry School and is passionate about passing on his knowledge to the students he works with. While at Strive for Excellence Malay teaches senior Maths, Physics and Chemistry as well as assisting students with their preparation for Science School Entrance Exams. In his spare time, Malay enjoys catching up with friends.

Adi – Tutor

After obtaining entrance into one of Mebourne’s Seclect Entry Schools, Adi has gone on to study Engineering. He likes the idea of being both logical and creative. Adi is passionate about Mathematics and assists students of all age groups with their Maths. He also likes to work with students who are studying Science.

Ruth- Tutor

Ruth is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and enthusiastically passes on her skills and knowledge of English to her students. Ruth specialises in assisting students with their selective entry and scholarship exams as she has experience in this area having attended a Selective School herself. Ruth enjoys spending time with friends during her spare time.

Robert- Tutor

Having attended a select entry school, Robert appreciates the opportunity to assist students to prepare for these entry exams. He also enjoys assisting senior students with their Maths and Science, in particular Physics. Robert is completing a Bachelor of Engineering and in his pare time plays and teaches the piano.

Jen- Tutor

Jen has a passion for language and is fluent in English, Indonesian and Italian. Jen is studying Linguistics at university and has a passion for passing this knowledge onto her students. At Strive for Excellence she assists both junior and senior English students and helps those who are applying for scholarship positions. Jen has an ambition to be a Language Teacher, once she has finished her studies. In her spare time Jen is interested in journalism, comedy and fashion.

Ruth.R- Tutor

Ruth is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree and hopes to use both sets of skills in her future career. During her tutoring Ruth assists students of all ages with their Maths, Science and English, helping them to achieve their best.

Yashen- Tutor

Yashen enjoys helping students of all ages with their Maths and Science, but has a particular passion for Physics. He enjoys studying these subjects through his Engineering degree and is keen to pass his enthusiasm and understanding onto his students. Yashen enjoys playing computer games in his spare time.

Yenuli- Tutor

Yenuli is currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Science with the aim of becoming a doctor. While at Strive for Excellence, Yenuli assists secondary students with their maths. She specialises in Further Maths and enjoys helping our VCE students to reach their potential. Yenuli enjoys playing tennis in her spare time and is captain of her tennis team.

Sarah – Tutor

Sarah is studying a Bachelor of Arts at university and enjoys assisting students with their English schoolwork. Sarah also helps students who are preparing for a scholarship or selective entry exam. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys catching up with her family and watching movies.

Jemimah – Tutor

Jemimah is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Education and is wanting to be a teacher when she graduates. While at Strive for Excellence she helps Primary students with their Maths and English. In her spare time Jemimah is learning how to speak Chinese.

Harrish – Tutor

Harrish is a passionate basketballer, both playing and officiating in his spare time. Harrish is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering/Law. He assists student up to VCE level with their Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Blake – Tutor

Blake is one of our Maths tutors, helping Primary, Secondary and Scholarship students.  Blake is completing a Bachelor of Computer Science and enjoys playing computer games in his spare time.

Nadia – Tutor

Nadia is one of our Maths, Science and John Monash tutors. Having attended a Select Entry School herself, Nadia is passionate about passing her experiences onto her students and assisting them to make the most of their opportunities. She is currently studying to complete a degree in Biomedical Science and in her spare time enjoys both playing and listening to music.

Tazeen – Tutor

Tazeen is currently studying a degree in Data Science.  She loves learning and is keen to pass this passion onto her students.  Tazeen tutors  Maths, Physics and English and uses her experience in the Select Entry system to assist her students.  Tazeen enjoys travelling in her spare time.

Luka – Tutor

Luka is one of our Biology and English tutors.  He is studying both Biology and Global Science as part of his degree and is keen to pass this knowledge onto his students.  In his spare time Luka enjoys music and is a talented singer.

Victoria – Tutor

Victoria enjoys working with our younger students as she feels its important to set up a solid foundation and a love of learning.  Victoria tutors both English and Maths while at Strive for Excellence, while completing her studies in Psychology and Education.

Emily – Tutor

Emily is one of our English tutors, as well as assisting students with Legal Studies.  Emily is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Law.  Emily enjoys travelling and takes any opportunity to explore new places.

Ruhani – Tutor

Ruhani is one of our Maths tutors.  She enjoys helping students with their school work, assisting them to achieve their best.  Ruhani is a passionate netballer and as well as playing she also spends time umpiring.

Anu – Tutor

Having attended a Select Entry school, Anu is keen to pass her experience onto students who also want to attend these schools.  Anu assists students with their Maths, working with both our junior and VCE students.  Anu likes to spend time with family and friends during their spare time.

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