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It is vital that students develop and consolidate their English skills during their secondary years in order to lay the foundation for the important VCE years. Our English tutors all received exceptional study scores in English, ensuring they have a strong understanding on all aspects of the course. Their familiarity with the texts means they can encourage students to explore perspectives they may not have considered. We also require tutors to remain up to date with any curriculum changes.

During the early secondary years our tutors focus on building students’ skills in the basic areas of language study including reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, listening and speaking. We also develop students’ ability to think clearly and critically about the written and spoken word, providing a solid basis on which to build essay writing skills. We encourage students to read widely in order to broaden their knowledge and to develop an enjoyment of reading different types of texts. In the later secondary years we aim to perfect students’ skills in the aforementioned areas, as well as students’ aptitude in essay writing and oral presentations. We also help students with the critical skill of developing and supporting their own personal opinions on social issues and how to convey these perspectives to a range of audiences, both general and specific. We also work on important general skills such as organisation and researching, which are needed for effective study.

All of our Secondary English Tutoring sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis, allowing tutors to tailor the lesson towards a particular student’s need. They are conducted at a pace suitable for the individual; whether that means focusing topics that a student is struggling with in class, or providing a high-achieving student with challenging exercises to extend their knowledge. By the end of Year 10 our students feel confident and prepared to make the transition to higher English.

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