Year 9 and 10 Entry Selective School Practice Exams – 3 Exams



  • 3 full length online Scholarship/Selective Entry practice tests
  • Designed for students who will sit the test in year 8 or 9 for year 9 or 10 entry
  • Designed and written by teachers
  • Fully worked answers and explanations included
  • Upload your essays to be corrected by our markers
  • Most realistic practice tests available
  • Get instant access – no waiting
  • Access for 1 full year
  • Price includes GST.

Written by Teachers

Experienced teachers create and write all of our practice exams. This ensures accuracy and alignment.

Updates & Revisions

We are constantly reviewing and updating our online practice exams to verify they are aligned with the real exams.

Essay Feedback

Students upload their essays for correction by our English markers. Constructive feedback is then provided to the students.

Practice Exam Features

What you'll learn

Selective schools such as Melbourne High, Mac.Rob, Nossal and Suzanne Corey are extremely competitive with thousands of students sitting the test each year. A selective school or scholarship test will be one of the most important exams undertaken by your child during their school years.

As with any test or exam, practice is essential for your child to understand the types of questions asked, level of difficulty, speed at which to work, etc. Give your child the necessary experience so they can achieve their full potential on the day with our Year 9 & 10 Selective Entry Practice Exams. They are vital for students in honing their skills, allowing them to focus on performing at their best on the day.

Why choose our Practice Tests?

  • 3 full length practice tests for plenty of student practice.
  • Comprises of over 660 questions.
  • Instant online access so you can get started straight away
  • Fully worked answers and explanations so your child knows how answers are derived.
  • Written by experienced teachers so you know you’re getting quality practice exams.
  • Mobile compatible – do your practice exams anywhere with internet access.
  • Freedom to study where and when it suits you.
  • Essays (handwritten or typed) can be uploaded for personalised marking & feedback by our English markers.
  • Especially written for students seeking to sit an exam for entry into Years 9 or 10.
  • Tests comply with the EduTest and ACER exam formats. These are the most commonly used tests in Australia.
  • Keep track of your progress and scores you have achieved
  • Access for 1 full year gives your child plenty of time to practice and refine their skills.

Bonus Material:

  • Comprehensive Essay Writing Guide – Learn what needs to go into writing a great essay.
  • Sample creative/narrative and analytical essays – Your child will see how all the elements from the essay writing guide come together to form a compelling essays.
  • Numerical Reasoning Guide – Teaches your child common types of reasong questions and patterns used so they can solve questions faster.

The bonus material outlined above can give students a deeper understanding of how to write their essays and improve their reasoning skills. All of which helps your child succeed.

The Year 9 & 10 Selective Entry Practice Exams are very beneficial for a student’s preparation. Each practice exam consists of the following components:

  • Maths (60 questions)
  • English Comprehension (50 questions)
  • Essay Writing tasks (Analytical and Creative)
  • Verbal Reasoning (60 questions)
  • Numerical Reasoning (50 questions)

No student intending to sit a scholarship exam should be without our Scholarship Practice Exams. Purchase your package today.

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