QPS (Queensland Police Service) Practice Entrance Assessment



  • 3 full length and complete QPSea (Queensland Police Service) Literacy and Numeracy Practice tests
  • The most realistic practice exams available
  • Sample Written assessment task included
  • Fully worked answers and explanations included
  • Our computer based practice exams conform to the current QSPea ACER format computer based exams
  • Instant online access – no waiting
  • Written Assessment task is corrected and feedback given from our markers
  • Practice exams are mobile compatible – study when and where it suits you
  • Repeat the components as often as you like

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Written by Teachers

Experienced teachers create and write all of our practice exams. This ensures accuracy and alignment.

Updates & Revisions

We are constantly reviewing and updating our online practice exams to verify they are aligned with the real exams.

Essay Feedback

Students upload their essays for correction by our English markers. Constructive feedback is then provided to the students.

Practice Exam Features

What you'll learn

The Top Reasons Why QPSea Candidates Choose Our Practice Exams

The Most Realistic Practice Exams Available

You can be confident our Literacy and Numeracy practice tests are the most realistic. We have the same number of questions, same time limits, same pass marks, etc. Regular feedback from prior candidates ensures they are up to date and as realistic as possible.

Feedback & Correction on Your Extended Writing, Summary Writing!

We will correct and give constructive feedback on your Extended Writing, Summary Writing, Oral and Computer Tasks. This means your tasks will improve each time we correct your work and you will know that you’re on the right track

Samples for the Extended and Summary Writing Tasks

You get access to sample Extended Writing and Summary Writing pieces. This allows you to see how each task should be structured so you can create a great writing task.

Fully Worked Answers

Our fully worked answers show you the working out for the answer. So you will know HOW the answer to each question is found

You Get Access To 3 Full Length Practice Exams


Our QPSea practice exams will give your new career the head start it deserves. Our package of 3 full length and complete practice exams will give you the experience and technique to gain the advantage over the other candidates.

You will benefit from our practice exams as they include worked answers and explanations so that rapid & thorough progress is made. The writing task can be uploaded for personalised correction and feedback from our qualified and experienced markers.

Not only do we want you to pass the QPSea entrance exam first time, but we also want you to score higher than other candidates. With this in mind our practice exams have been developed to be the most realistic available. They allow you to experience the types of questions, difficulty, time limits, expected pass marks and format that would be experienced in the real exam. All this results in increased confidence and performance on the day of the real exam.

Why choose our Practice Exams?

  • Updated to reflect the QPSea format. E-books can’t give you this realism.
  • You get plenty of practice with 3 full length practice exams with all 8 components. Repeat the questions as many times as you like
  • Sample Extended and Summary Writing tasks included
  • Worked answers and explanations included – Learn from your previous mistakes
  • Writing tasks can be uploaded for personalised correction by our qualified markers
  • Mobile compatible – do your practice exams on your computer or tablet anywhere you have internet access
  • Freedom to study where and when it suits you
  • Instant online access
  • You can review your previous practice test results to ensure you stay on track
  • Do the practice exams (or each component) at your own pace
  • Access for 1 full year

Benefits of our Practice Exams:

  • Increase confidence & your chances of passing the test first time
  • Gain the competitive advantage over other candidates
  • Have an expert give you valuable personalised feedback
  • Increase your speed
  • Improve your exam timing
  • Pinpoint areas that you need to improve
  • Improve exam technique and proficiency

Our QPSea Practice Exams are the ideal exercise before undertaking the real exam. As on the real exam, components include literacy skills, numeracy skills, abstract reasoning, written assessment and digital literacy. The time limits, number of questions and exam format are also consistent with the QPSea. Worked answers are included so you you will understand how the answer was worked out. The written assessment can be easily uploaded for personalised marking by our qualified and experienced markers.

Test ComponentAssessment TypeNumber of TasksTime Allowed
Literacy SkillsOnline Multiple Choice3035 min
Written AssessmentOnline Report Writing135 min
NumeracyOnline Multiple Choice3035 min
Abstract ReasoningOnline Multiple Choice3035 min
Digital LiteracyOnline Multiple Choice2020 min
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