Primary Level English Tuition

We offer professional Primary English Tutoring for students in Melbourne. Our individual tutoring allows our trained tutors to create a personalised program designed specifically for your child. This enhances students learning and gives your child the best opportunity to achieve their best. At the end of each session, the tutor will speak to you in regards to your child’s progress and keep you up-to-date. Our flexible times also allow tutoring to easily fit into the busy family schedule.

A proper grasp on the English language will be a vital skill for students, which will not just prepare them for success in senior years, but lay the foundations for success at university and in their occupation.  A comprehensive knowledge of English is also a powerful tool students will utilise every day to express themselves clearly and concisely and develop inferential thinking.  Success in English will also foster their creativity, general knowledge and understanding of the world.

Strive for Excellence offers Primary English Tutoring to establish solid foundations before high school and VCE, when students delve into extensive essay writing and text analysis.  At this stage an understanding of comprehension, spelling and grammar is presumed knowledge, so it is vital your child achieves these milestones at a junior level to ease the transition into senior English.

Strive for Excellence offers tutoring to develop students’ skills in comprehension, spelling and grammar.  We give students strategies to effectively analyse a variety of comprehension tasks to quickly and effortlessly tackle the accompanying questions.  We also teach students how to structure their essays and prompt them to consider topics and themes they may not have been exposed to in the school environment.  Our tutors teach in a clear and patient manner when explaining concepts that your child may find difficult to grasp.  We work at a pace appropriate for your child and consolidate key areas of learning before moving on to more complex topics.

A focus on individual student’s needs allows tutors to extend students beyond their learning in the classroom.  For students who are yearning for more stimulating work we extend their comprehension and vocabulary exercises as well as challenging them with mature essay topics.  This aims to enhance their sophistication in explaining concepts and forming well constructed opinions on debatable topics.

The Primary English Tutoring sessions are designed to maximise your child’s potential in the classroom and aim to form solid English foundations.  This will ensure the effortless transition to secondary school and more senior English tasks.

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