How important is the GAT?

The GAT is a general achievement test in the areas of written communication, mathematics, science, technology, arts and social sciences. As these areas are broad, they are specifically used for students to be tested on the abilities and skills they have learnt in these areas through high school. This test does not entail study, as it only requires personal skills and knowledge that should already be obtained. All students who are completing 3/4 VCE Subjects must complete the GAT.

The GAT is used by VCAA to determine whether teachers have marked School Assessed Coursework (SACs) appropriately. When SAC marks are sent to VCAA they are compared to the GAT result.  If there is a significant discrepancy then SACs are remarked.  For this reason students should aim to do the best they can on the GAT.  Although study is not required it would be my suggestion to complete at least one practice paper so students are familiar with what is expected of them.  Past papers can be found on the VCAA website.

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