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If you are seeking VCE English Tutoring in Melbourne, our trained and experienced tutors can help. Through individual tutoring, we can tailor the tuition to each student’s requirements no matter what their ability. Our tailored program then allows students to achieve higher marks and gain more confidence.

English is a fundamental component of VCE, and is a prerequisite for many tertiary courses.  VCE English delves beyond English language skills and requires a critical analysis of a range of texts.  Many essays require a firm grasp on current affairs, to compliment writing in a mature and sophisticated manner.

Strive for Excellence offers tutors who are familiar with the most recent English course and current texts, to ensure your child receives the most pertinent advice on how to succeed.  Tutors can effectively cater the lesson towards a particular student’s need; whether that is enhancing grammar and vocabulary, through to dissecting strengths and weaknesses of previous essays.  All lessons are conducted at a pace suitable for the individual and strive to extend a student’s current knowledge.  All tutors received exceptional study scores in English, ensuring they have in depth knowledge on all facets of the course, including oral presentations, language analysis, text response and context writing

Many students find oral presentations difficult to research and may struggle to relate the evidence to cohesive arguments.  Our tutors help students find the most suitable information and help structure their orals and design supporting PowerPoint presentations.  Tutors also advise on how to present confidently and persuasively to alleviate the stress of an oral presentation.

Text response pieces require an in depth analysis of major characters, themes and the construction of a text.  Many students struggle to discuss the intentions of an author or director beyond a superficial level.  Tutors at Strive for Excellence have a wealth of knowledge on a variety of texts and can prompt students to consider novel aspects of texts.  Structuring essays is also a common problem, which can impede a student’s ability to construct a concise essay.  We can teach your child strategies to enhance their essay structure and communication skills.  By catering sessions to students’ specific needs they can develop the areas they struggle in which will give them the best chance to succeed SACs and the exam.

Context essays involve comprehensive discussion of a text and consider topics on a global scale.  These must be complimented with a thorough understanding of current affairs, historical events and a highly creative piece of writing. Many students can become overwhelmed at the variety of essay styles and linking a text and external influences to an essay prompt.  Strive for Excellence allows students to discuss complex issues with tutors, who can foster their creativity and guide them to structure a sophisticated piece of writing.

Strive for Excellence recognises the importance of success and prioritises exam strategies and techniques throughout the school year.  This ensures that students have a wealth of knowledge by October to ensure they enter their exams with the confidence and knowledge to successfully address any question they may encounter.

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