The Importance of Reading

It is commonplace to hear teachers and parents encouraging their students/children to read. Reading is always a part of homework, silent reading programs part of the daily timetable and encouraged through events such as the Premiers Reading Challenge and MS Read-a-Thon. So why is reading so important?

  1. Having strong reading and comprehension skills allows students to perform well in all subjects as this skill is vital across all areas of the curriculum and out in the community
  2. Reading allows children to develop a broad vocabulary. Readers are introduced to new words and in what context they can be used
  3. Reading helps to develop a person’s imagination. This helps when it comes to solving problems as a creative approach is often needed
  4. Reading helps to build strong communication skills which is needed to be successful in this modern world
  5. Reading helps develop concentration which is extremely important today when people want everything immediately and we expect everything to be fast paced and holding our attention
  6. Reading allows people to relax and have some quiet time to themselves
  7. When children read with a parent or loved one it allows for time to be spent together developing a bond through sharing


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