Should my child attend the John Monash Science School?

John Monash Science School

The John Monash Science School was established in 2010 and was Victoria’s first specialist school focusing on the areas of Maths, Science and Technology. The school is located on the same grounds as Monash University in Clayton and caters for students from year 10 to year 12. Being a world-class school, admittance to the school is very competitive and is based on students successfully passing a selective entry test.

Each year, we have hundreds of enquiries from parents who would like their child to attend the John Monash School of Science. At this point, the world-class reputation of the school means that a wide range of students want to attend the school without fully understanding the type of student the school caters for.

We speak to many parents who say their child wants to work in fields such as Research Scientist, Robotics Engineer, Chemist, Microbiologist, Geologist, etc.  This is exactly the type of student the John Monash School was established for and helps nurture their ambition.

However, some parents we speak to say their child wants to be a ballet dancer, fashion designer or an artist after they finish secondary school. This is when we explain to the parents that even though the school has an excellent reputation, it is not really the type of school suited for students wanting to enter these types of artistic professions.

The John Monash School of Science was primarily established to help nurture a student’s passion for the S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. As this is a world-class school with an excellent reputation, securing a spot is a very competitive process. This is where we can help students who enjoy and are interested in science prepare for their exam and give them an advantage over other students.  

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