NAPLAN Testing for 2014

NAPLAN testing is rapidly approaching with tests being run for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students during May.  The original aim of the NAPLAN tests was to establish literacy and numeracy levels for Australian students and use the data provided to help educators and governments to develop curriculum and divide funding.

Unfortunately, over the years we are slowly moving away from the NAPLANs purpose. Primary NAPLAN results are often requested by secondary schools in order to assist in the acceptance process or to stream students.  The introduction of the My School website has also meant that many teachers prepare their students for the tests as low results published on this site can result in decreased enrolment in subsequent years.  I have even come across situations where students have been encouraged to stay home on the testing days as lower results will be a reflection on the school.

This year attempts have been made to reduce ‘cheating’ and bring the tests back to the original purpose.  This is the first year that the writing genre has not been revealed prior to the test in an attempt to stop teachers coaching students.  Students who have a severe disability or who have been in Australia less than one year are legitimately allowed to be withdrawn from testing.  Teachers have also had more briefing on appropriate practices.  Unfortunately, while NAPLAN results are published there will always be an attempt to skew results.

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