How to choose VCE subjects

As students approach the final years of their secondary schooling many find themselves in a position where they need to choose the subjects they will undertake in order to complete their VCE. This can be a particularly daunting task especially for those students and their families who have not been through the VCE system before. So here are a couple of pointers which will help.

1. Start at the end:

Use guides such as those on the VTAC website in order to find out what courses you may be interested in enrolling in when you finish school. Take particular notice of the pre-requisites as these may be valuable subjects to complete at VCE.

2. Take note of ATAR scores:

Look at the ATAR scores that are needed to gain entrance into the courses you are interested in. Use an ATAR calculator to establish if the subjects you have chosen will allow you to obtain the required ATAR. Be conservative. Not everyone will score above 40, in fact 30 is the average score for a subject. Remember for subjects to be scaled up you need to obtain a reasonable score in the first place.

3. Choose subjects you are interested in:

As you will most likely be studying these subjects for the next two years and possibility beyond, it is important that you are interested in the subjects you have selected. You will work harder and do better when you enjoy what you are studying.

4. Keep your options open:

Keeping your options open is a good idea as we all grow and change and what you have your heart set on in Year 10 may be very different to the way you feel at the end of Year 12. Choose a variety of subjects that will allow you to change your pathway if you choose.

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