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Our History Tutoring is conducted by our experienced tutors at our centre in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Tutoring is given to students on an individual basis. This means a tailored program is devised for your child to give them the best opportunity to achieve higher grades and be more self-assured. At the end of each session, parents are given feedback by their child’s tutor to keep them informed of their progress. We offer flexible tuition times to make it easy to schedule tutoring into the busy family week.

In our History Tutoring program at Strive for Excellence we cover Australian history, Renaissance Italy, and Revolutions (Chinese, Russian and French). Our tutors seek to extend students’ cultural, economic, social and political understanding while developing their analytical skills.

To cement their understanding of historical events, students discuss with their tutor the incidents leading up to it, what happened during the event, and the future implications of the event. Interactive tools such as the creation of historical maps are used to help students to recall important dates and locations of events.
Historical understanding is communicated through written, oral and visual forms and students are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to analyse different types of records.

History is a subject that is often studied through distance education. Meeting regularly with a tutor gives students the opportunity to discuss their ideas and guidance on how to approach practical aspects of the subject such as which concepts are of particular importance, or timing of the course, etc.

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