Essay Writing for Selective Entry and Scholarship Exams

With Select entry exams rapidly approaching students will need to complete a writing task. This task may involve preparing a narrative or presenting a persuasive piece. Regardless of the type of written required students need to get their ideas across in a logical, easy to read format in a short amount of time. So what can be done to make your writing stand out from the rest? Here are some pointers when writing for a selective school or scholarship exam.

Narrative Essay

• Make a plan as this will keep you on track and prevent your story from losing focus.
• Limit the number of characters. Each of the characters needs to be developed. This is difficult in such a short period of time so limiting the number of characters will help with this.
• Make the characters different from yourself. Most students will base the characters on themselves in terms of age, gender, interests etc. Be creative and step outside yourself. Make the main character an old lady who lives on her own, or a middle aged man who has just come home from a long day at work. Step inside their shoes.
• Limit direct speech. A story with lots of “he said, she said” can be very time consuming to write and can be quite tedious to read. Include some direct speech but mix it up with some indirect speech as well.
• Mix your words up. Show off your vocabulary.
• If you can’t spell a word, replace it with another word. Don’t highlight your limitations.
• Make sure you have a conclusion to your story. The examiner does not want to read. To be continued …….

Persuasive Essay

• Include an introduction that defines the topic
• Construct your arguments in such a way that it is difficult to argue against. Make sure you include supporting evidence
• If you have time include a rebuttal or counter argument
• Don’t start paragraphs with firstly, secondly etc. Be more creative.
• Make sure you conclude your argument by stating your opinion
• Use some interesting words but ensure they are used in the correct context.

Above all, make sure you leave time to proof read your work before it is submitted.

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