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Are you looking for a Melbourne Secondary maths tutor ? Our experienced, professional teachers are able to provide individual or group teaching at any level to help mathematics students advance their skills to get better results in Maths exams. We offer personalised maths coaching and training, with flexible times to ensure you can get to study maths at a time that works for you, and promises to get you the best results for your effort. Come and learn maths the easy way, and master this subject so you can gain higher qualifications, course entry, or simply improve your maths skills.

A solid understanding of secondary school mathematics is essential for preparing students for future success. Although mathematics has always been central to careers within the fields of health care, business, I.T. and accounting, there are now vast ranges of jobs that require employees to have proficient maths skills. Having a solid background in mathematics opens doors for students. Without it, certain careers will not be attainable without years of playing catch-up. And in general, we all need maths skills in order to make informed and intelligent decisions about our lives, from our personal finances, to an understanding of public policies.

There are different reasons why some students fall behind in mathematics at secondary school. For example, large class sizes may make it difficult for a teacher to cater to each personality. At Strive for Excellence Tutoring, each student receives one-on-one tutoring with a highly skilled tutor who is attentive to each child’s individual learning style. Our tutors also received outstanding VCE maths results themselves.

Some students may become stuck when completing homework and immediate assistance is unavailable. At Strive for Excellence, we check your child’s homework each week and go through any topics that they struggled with.

Another reason is that many students are rushed onto the next topic in the mathematics curriculum, without really having a firm grasp of previous concepts. Students end up moving into the next year level with large gaps in their mathematical knowledge. At Strive for Excellence, we ensure that students have a complete understanding of one concept, before moving onto the next. Any topics that they are unfamiliar with are revised or retaught if necessary.

At Strive for Excellence our Secondary Maths Tutoring is divided into two types: Foundation and Extension.

Foundation Maths

It is not enough for students to be able to perform mathematical operations or memorise facts. At Strive for Excellence we teach mathematical thinking, which includes the ability to recall the operations. Students learn why, when and how to apply them. We ensure that students fully understand previous concepts before moving onto the next topic.

We are also aware of what each child is currently studying in class, and use that as a starting point. This increases students’ confidence in their abilities, and they attend their next class feeling motivated to learn.

The topics covered in our Secondary Maths Tutoring program include fractions, decimals, algebra, pythagoras and trigonometry, geometry, angels, indices and surds, statistics and probability, linear and quadratic equations and problem solving. We also provide supplementary material to give students more opportunities to retain information.

In addition, we help students develop effective study techniques and equip them with the skills needed to prepare for exams and tests.

Extension Maths

The aim of our Secondary Maths Tutoring Extension program is for students to achieve the best grades they possibly can in maths and to begin preparing for VCE maths.

We start by ensuring that students have a solid understanding of the basic maths skills for their year level. We find that too many students in accelerated classes have been rushed through the curriculum and reach VCE with gaps in their knowledge. Topics covered include Fractions, Decimals, Algebra, Pythagoras and Trigonometry, Geometry, Indices and Surds, Statistics and Probability, Linear and Quadratic Equations and problem solving. We emphasise problem solving and application-type questions as many students are found to be lacking in these areas, but they are a focal point of VCE subjects. We provide extension activities in order to challenge and further expand students’ skills.

Each student at Strive for Excellence is individually catered to using the student’s abilities and learning style as a guide. We also take into consideration the direction that students intend on following with future studies.

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