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Our Melbourne Psychology Tutoring is conducted by trained tutors on an individual basis. This means a program is designed specifically for each student to address their particular needs. Addressing the individual needs of the student allows them the potential to achieve higher grades and also and increase in confidence. At the end of each session, the tutor speaks to the parents to update them on their child’s progress. We also have flexible times to make it easy to fit tutoring into the hectic family schedule.

In VCE Psychology, students explore complex human behaviours and thought processes. The study of Psychology leads to opportunities in a diverse range of workplace settings and specialties, working with children, adults, families and communities. Demand for psychologists continues to grow in schools, hospitals, academic and applied research settings, law courts, prisons, defence forces, private practices, consulting firms, market research companies, and many more.

The VCE Psychology course is made up of traditional psychology themes but it also includes areas of biology, some basic maths, scientific methods, as well as English.

Many students who are not strong in the sciences undertake Psychology at VCE in order to receive credit for a science unit. However, they struggle with the more scientific aspects of the course. Conversely, students who tend to be more maths or science orientated may struggle with the subject as it is quite language based, both in the way material is presented, and how students are expected to respond to the material. For example, the Psychology exam and SACs require well-written, extended responses.

At Strive for Excellence our highly skilled tutors are experts in Psychology tuition itself but also have extensive experience in tutoring other subjects such as English and the sciences, enabling them to help students to fill in these gaps in their knowledge.

The Psychology course covers a wide range of theories, which can be daunting and confusing for students. The tutors at Strive for Excellence are well-versed in assisting students to see how these theories were developed, and the differences between the multiple theories. Students are shown the strengths and weaknesses of different theories, and tutors use numerous case studies to enhance their learning.

At the Strive for Excellence tuition centre, as with all of our subjects, we provide thorough Psychology Tutoring. For the Psychology exam we guide students to understand what is really being asked in typical exam questions and how to prepare properly for exams.

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