Creative Writing Course for Selective School and Scholarship Exams



  • Designed and written by teachers
  • Online creative writing course specifically designed for scholarship and selective school exams
  • Get instant access – no waiting
  • Upload your own creative essays and receive feedback from our markers regarding improvments
  • Course is mobile compatible – study when and where it suits you
  • Revise all the components as often as you like
  • Access for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Price includes GST

Written by Teachers

Experienced teachers create and write all of our practice exams. This ensures accuracy and alignment.

Updates & Revisions

We are constantly reviewing and updating our online practice exams to verify they are aligned with the real exams.

Essay Feedback

Students upload their essays for correction by our English markers. Constructive feedback is then provided to the students.

Practice Exam Features

What you'll learn

In our experience, a majority of students have difficulty writing effective essay tasks within the strict time constraints of a selective entry or scholarship exam.

Our “Creative Writing Course for Selective School and Scholarship Exams” course will give your child valuable knowledge and practice. This will enable them to not only write a great essay, but an essay that will also be noticed by the exam markers. The following are included in the course:

  • Creative writing techniques
  • Includes planning, structure, characters, settings, literary techniques, proofreading, etc
  • Improvement and Practice Strategies
  • Sample creative essay
  • Upload 5 of your own writing tasks for correction my our markers

Why choose our essay writing course:

  • Written by teachers who specialise in accelerated learning.
  • Designed specifically for selective school and scholarship exams.
  • Online course is self-paced
  • Your child will learn about the entire creative writing process.
  • You receive instant access to the creative writing course.
  • You can upload up to 5 essays your child has written and receive personalised feedback & correction from our markers.
  • Mobile compatible – freedom to do the course on a variety of devices.
  • You have access to the course for 1 year for thorough study and practice.

Creative writing for a selective school or scholarship exam requires a unique set of skills compared to standard test. Our course will teach your child those skills and allow them to practice what they have learnt by uploading their essays for correction by our markers.

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