Maths Tuition for Primary Students

Catering for students in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we offer quality Primary Maths Tutoring for students of all abilities. All tuition is on an individual basis which allows our trained tutors tailor a program specifically for your child. At the end of each tuition session, the tutor will give you feedback regarding your child’s progress and you have the opportunity to ask the tutor any questions. Our easy and flexible tuition times allows tutoring to fit into the busy family schedule

Evidence is growing that early maths has a significant impact on later education. Studies show that early mathematics skills are the strongest indicators of later academic achievement in both mathematics and reading. In addition, the differences in maths experiences that children receive in their early years have lasting repercussions on later school achievement.

Therefore, it is vitally important that the mathematics education children receive is of high quality; challenging; and accessible, and this is what we offer at Strive for Excellence Tutoring.

High Quality

Our experienced maths tutors are all current undergraduate or post-graduate students, completing degrees in fields such as medicine, law, pharmacy and science. They received excellent maths results themselves during their VCE. Our tutors are encouraging and patient, and understand that each student has individual needs.


We do not limit a student’s learning to their age or year level. We begin by ensuring that they thoroughly understand the mathematical concepts appropriate for their year level. We then challenge students as far as their ability and interests take them.


Our goal is not to teach students to memorise all of the mathematical operations. Instead, we teach mathematical thinking, which includes the ability to recall the operations. Students learn why, when and how to apply them. We use hands-on activities, computer programs and games to capture young students’ interest and make maths FUN!

At Strive for Excellence our Primary Maths Tutoring is divided into two types: Foundation and Extension.


It is crucial that students have a strong sense of the qualities of numbers. Our tutors ensure that students understand essential concepts such as place value and the magnitude of a number. We then ensure that they have a solid understanding of the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as the connections between them. We think it is important that students not only know how to use the operations, but also why they are applying them, and how to use their understanding of them to solve more complex problems.

We build students’ skills using interactive and up-to-date tools such as worksheets, practical activities, computer programs, and fun games. We set challenges that stretch students’ abilities, but can also be realistically achieved. We find that this builds children’s confidence, and provides them with the motivation to move to the next level.


Once a student has mastered foundation maths, they may proceed to the more difficult concepts covered in the school curriculum. We provide tutoring in fractions, decimals, perimeter, area and volume, angles, measurement, shapes, statistics, probability, basic algebra and problem solving.

Our tutors show students how to link new concepts to previously learnt material, and challenge students as far as their abilities and interests take them.

Whatever level your child is at when they begin their tutoring with Strive for Excellence, they will follow a Primary Maths Tutoring program that has been created specifically for them. They will move through it at a pace that is appropriate for them, determined by continued formal and informal assessment.

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