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Are you after Melbourne Physics Tutor? Our professional team of tutors are able to provide individual tuition to enhance student learning. Our programs are tailored to each student to allow them to achieve higher scores and boost their self-confidence. Our convenient and flexible times allows Physics tutoring to fit into the busy family and school schedule.

Physics is a theoretical and empirical science, which contributes significantly to the way we understand our place in the Universe.

VCE Physics provides a curriculum that is interesting and challenging for students with a wide range of expectations, including students who are aiming for medical, engineering, technology-based and science-based careers. The course covers the areas of Motion and Newtonian Theories, Electronics and photonics, Electric Power, Relativity, Light and Matter, Materials, Applications of the Synchrotron and Sound.

At Strive for Excellence we find that many of the students who come to us for Physics tutoring are struggling because they did not gain a solid grounding in the subject during the junior or Year 11 science course. We aim to bring students up to speed with their background knowledge before moving on to the Year 12 curriculum.

We have extensive experience in tutoring in Physics and fantastic resources to teach all aspects of the physics course, both the core components and any of the detailed study designs that a student’s school is focusing on.

We find that the average mark for students’ coursework is a B+ but this drops to a C+ on the exam. It is important for students to know what to expect in an exam and to prepare extensively for them. The previously administered mid-year exam no longer exists, making the final exam 60% of the overall mark. Students must perform well on this exam in order to obtain excellent overall marks. At Strive for Excellence we have extensive experience in exam coaching and our students regularly complete practice tests in order to give them a good understanding of the types of questions that may be asked in a typical exam.

Our Physics tutors are highly qualified to provide tuition in secondary education physics. They received excellent study scores in science for VCE and are now studying science-related courses at university, including medicine, bio-medicine, pharmacy, science and nutrition. They are passionate about the science field, and enjoy passing on their enthusiasm to students.

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