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Are you looking a for a Literature Tutor? Our Literature Tutors tailor programs to each individual student depending on their requirements. The result is enhanced student learning with better results and improved self esteem based on the students effort. Tutoring times are flexible so they can fit in to your family’s busy schedule.

This subject discusses, debates and challenges the meaning of literary texts. The texts themselves range from past to modern social and cultural contexts. The study of literature encourages independent and critical thinking in students’ analytical and creative responses to texts.
Our highly-skilled Literature tutors at Strive for Excellence are recent VCE graduates who achieved exceptional scores in the subject. They are familiar with a variety of texts and can encourage students to consider texts in different ways. They can have in-depth discussions with students about the style of narrative, major characters, the themes, and language and structure of the text. They encourage students to consider the intentions of an author or director to an extended level.

Our tutors are also able to assist students with developing excellent essay writing skills. We can teach students how to effectively organise their information and demonstrate their knowledge in a manner that is highly-expressive and coherent, detailed and grammatically correct.
Our tutors cater to each student’s individual needs and tailor the lesson according to the areas that need improvement.

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