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Looking for English Language Tutoring in Melbourne with a difference? We are a quality tutoring centre that practices individual tuition to enhance student learning. Our trained tutors develop a program specifically for each student which enables them the opportunity to achieve higher grades and encourages confidence.  At the end of each English Language tutoring session, the tutor will give feedback to the parents regarding their child’s progress. We understand families have never been so busy, so we offer flexible times to easily fit tutoring into the family schedule.

VCE English Language explores the ways in which individuals and groups use language in a variety of ways; how it changes over time; and how it reflects our thinking and values. Knowledge of how language functions is a useful basis for students wanting to engage in further study or employment in many varied fields such as journalism, speech and reading therapy, philosophy and other communication-related fields including designing information and communications technology solutions or programs.

The English Language tutors at Strive for Excellence received exceptional study scores in English Language at VCE, ensuring they have in depth knowledge on all of the assessment tasks used in the course including essays, oral presentations, case studies, folios and reports. Tutors are also able to answer questions students may have about what is expected of them in an assessment task. This means providing students with advice about the knowledge and skills to be assessed, and about the conditions under which they will be expected to complete tasks.

English Language Tutoring at Strive for Excellence is done on a one-to-one basis, and our tutors tailor the lesson towards a particular student’s needs, whether that is working on perfecting essay writing skills or presenting confidently and persuasively in an oral presentation. All lessons are conducted at a pace suitable for the individual and aim to further students’ knowledge.

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